Sustainable products

Following its production policy based on sustainability and respect for the environment, Enplater continues to invest in products that offer solutions to the new European guidelines with materials OK compost, plastic free, biobased and ready to recycle. Enplater’s goal is to ensure that in the short term a 100% of its products are stimulating the circular economy.

For more information about the results, please consult our sustainable products.


The development of these products is encouraged by the wishes of the consumers to be more ecologically friendly. CIRCULAR ECONOMY, 3R, EU Directive, SDGs, KPI

Sustainability Report

Enplater Group defined its sustainability strategy by making firm commitments aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have set a clear direction for how we want to work with our partners across the whole value chain to build a better future for our business, the people, and the planet.

Our sustainability report, which we publish annually, includes our progress in meeting our commitments.

Download NFRD (Non-Financial Reporting Directive).