Solutions: Ecofilms

Continuing its production policy based on sustainability and respect for the environment Enplater extends its range of products to offer solutions to the new European directives with compostable materials, biobased and ready to recycle materials.

The goal of Enplater is for its products to be 100% reusable. This will promote Enplater within the circular economy.

The main line of work of Enplater is the elaboration of customized studies according to the requirements proposed by the clients for the progressive adaptation of conventional flexible packagings to the Enplater Green line.

Soluciones - Ecofilms

Solutions: Textura

Packaging where texture varnish is applied to achieve a relief and matte effect finish.

Maintaining the use of plastic materials that allow an optimal preservation of the product along with a design that resembles paper. It is possible to incorporate windows and register which makes the product stand out from its competitors.

Soluciones - Textura

Solutions: Films

The R & D Department of Enplater works proactively with its clients to find the optimal combination of films for the packaging of their products.

The process is carried out based on the barrier properties, machinability for production and necessary transport conditions. From here, the Enplater team of Engineers study all the possible alternatives for a greater competitiveness of their products.


Solutions: Laserpack

Flexible packaging with laser perforation, Laserpack, is produced according to the needs of each client.

The laser microperforation allows products like salads to breathe water vapor to avoid condensation, improving the visibility and life of the product.

The laser also allows the application of holes for easy opening, and macroperforation.

Soluciones - Laserpack

Solutions: Easypack

Easy opening film, Easypack, improves the appearance and the performance of the final product for the consumer.

It also allows for better conservation and improves the appearance of the printed image because it doesn’t break the film in the opening process.

Soluciones - Easypack

Solutions: Inks

Enplater can use the following inks:
· Colour
· Phosphorescent inks
· With flavours
· Metalized
· Conductive inks
· Thermosensitive

Soluciones - Tintas

Solutions: Label applicator

Label applicator allows us to incorporate labels to flexible packaging increasing its value.

Along with other applications it improves the reclosable easy opening system, product information and promotions.

Label applicator

Solutions: Paperband

Paperband allows us to produce paper packaging with a transparent rectangular window which allows us to see the product within the packaging. This comes with the option of using a barrier film to achieve the optimal shelf life of the contents.

This application can be used for bakery products and cured meat.

Soluciones - Paperband

Solutions: Sleeve

Sleeve applies to different bottles and jars, as it protects, joins and makes the product stand out. The film used with a high-quality print completely covers the container whatever the shape.

The following materials could be applied:
· PS

Soluciones - Sleeve

Solutions: Microwaveable film

The microwavable flexible packaging allows cooking the food in the microwave, reducing the time to prepare the food from the fridge to the table.

Soluciones - Microvent

Solutions: Aromepack©

Aromepack©, has been developed by Enplater’s R&D team to create aromatic packaging. It offers you the opportunity to differentiate your products from your competitors appealing also to the sense of smell of the consumer.

There is a wide range of aromas available with Aromepack©: Cinnamon, bread, chocolate, and coffee and many others that can be suited to your requirements.

Solución - Aromepack@

Solutions: Glowpack

Glowpack is a glow in the dark packaging developed for products that can be used in the dark or low light situations: for exemple military, discotheques and toys.

Soluciones - Glowpack

Solutions: Bags

Enplater offer the possibility to produce different sizes and formats following our 365º politics to offer a full service on flexible films:

  • Doypack
  • 3 sides
  • Maxibag
  • Flat bottom side
  • Flat pouch