Enplater was founded in 1962, when the food packaging revolution started.

Since then the market demand has enabled us to innovate, progress and improve our products and services to be in a leading position of the packaging market.

95% of Enplater’s customer portfolio focuses on the food sector within Europe and North Africa.

Group Enplater Policy


The headquarters of Enplater has evolved along with its customers, modernizing through investment in personnel and technology for more than fifty years.

Enplater has become a pioneer in digital printing in southern Europe. This allows us to offer any quantity of flexible packaging and even the ability to personalize the printing process.


Envases Plásticos de Aragón (EPA) was founded in 2008 using the latest flexible packaging printing technology. This is due to the increasing demand of the European packaging market and guarantees production to our customers.

Packaging Cluster

Enplater is a founder member of Packaging Cluster.

The main goal is to share the knowledge acquired between the members of the group to face challenges which have become more and more demanding and competitive, identifying the tendencies and the needs of the market in order to improve and create new packaging products.

Enplater takes part in the ECOIND Project, which is based on reusing the waste products.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Enplater actively and voluntarily contributes to social, economic and environmental improvement with the aim of increasing its competitiveness and offering added value to its customers, workers and shareholders.

Enplater is part of SEDEX, Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, a non-profit organization whose goal is to enable improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in supply chains around the world. SEDEX is an effective and innovative supply chain management solution that guarantees the reputation of our clients and improves the practices used in the supply chain, helping to reduce the number of audits and questionnaires.

Sedex - Responsabilidad Social Corporativa