Technologies: Prepress

Direct contact between Enplater pre-press and customer designers is a main pillar to do the right printing as fast as possible.

Enplater pre-press department has the most updated design software to adapt the designs with the maximum guarantees.

Technologies: Colour management

Colour management is the base of the printing production process for flexible packaging, for this reason, Enplater’s team is proactive to achieve printings adjusted to the color customer’s target.

The key to print the right colour is the last technology and the work side by side with our customers.

Technologies: IQC

IQC technology is used by Enplater in order to control the color quality, systemizing the measurements, reports management and register.

All this information is available in every rotogravure and digital printing machine.

Technologies: Ink Kitchen

Enplater’s Ink Kitchen guarantees the fastest supply and the maximum control on inks production with all the guarantees to print the color gamut chosen by the customer.

Technologies: Extrusion

Enplater extruders produce one of the most common materials to laminate, the PE film.

Extrusion starts by feeding PE pellets from a hopper into the barrel of the extruder. The material is gradually melted by the mechanical energy generated by turning screws and by heaters arranged along the barrel. The molten polymer is then forced into a die, which shapes the polymer into a shape that hardens during cooling. Enplater has different formulas depending on each specific application.

Technologies: Cylinders engraving

Cylinders engraving automatization offers the maximum agility, flexibility, and guarantee to the maximum agility, flexibility, and guaranty for a satisfactory result.

Technologies: Rotogravure printing

The acquisition of the most advanced printers in the market is the main pillar for Enplater competitiveness.
It assures the best printing quality on the market, even applying varnishes and cold seal.

Technologies: Digital printing

Digital printing for flexible packaging its the chance to differentiate your products on the supermarket shelf personalizing your products and do short printing runs for every specific market.

The technology avoids high-quality production to create promotional campaigns, pilot test, and new references launch.

Technologies: Lamination

Enplater laminating lines offers the possibility to laminate materials solvent and solventless to guaranteed the impermeability, sealability and adhesion characteristics for complex films.

Technologies: Perforation

Enplater can realize perforation and die cuts to any kind of flexible packaging using its own technology.

The laser machinery produce:
· Microperforation
· Macroperferation
· Pre-slitting
· Die cut
· Numeric sequences

Technologies: Sleeve

The sleeve is mainly applied to bottles and pots, its function is protecting, group, and enhance the product with high-quality printing covering completely with a film adapted to its shape.

Applying materials:

Technologies: Slitting

Enplater slitting machinery guarantees high precision slitting on any kind of flexible packaging.